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img_1049Max Beilby is a researcher and business psychologist, based in London (UK).

Max is currently working as an in-house researcher at HSBC. Previously, he has provided consultancy services to Rocket Internet and eBay. Additionally, Max taught at Birkbeck College’s Department of Organisational Psychology (University of London).

Max holds a master’s degree in Organisational & Social Psychology from the London School of Economics, and  a degree in Business Management from the University of Brighton.

Max is a member of the Association for Business Psychology, and the Human Behavior & Evolution Society. He is also a member of the Evolution Institute, providing support as a business content editor for the Evolution Institute’s This View of Life Magazine.

In his spare time, Max enjoys running and kickboxing.

To get in touch, please send Max an email or connect with him via Linkedin.


Linkedin: Max Beilby

Twitter: @MaxBeilby