This View of Business


If you’re interested in business from an evolutionary perspective and wish to delve further, I recommend joining This View of Life’s Business Action Group.

We’re a group with diverse backgrounds, including academics, consultants and entrepreneurs. We share our knowledge to help each other learn more about evolutionary theory, and apply these insights to the workplace.

This is an action oriented and independent group, meaning we’re sufficiently motivated to invest time and effort to the cause, and to initiate projects on our own.

As a product of the Business Action Group, David Sloan Wilson, Mark van Vugt and I published a special edition of This View of Life magazine in the summer of 2017, exploring business from an evolutionary perspective.

We received a series of short essays from leaders across academia and industry, with their answers to the question: what is the single greatest insight that an evolutionary perspective offers to business?

Click here to download a free copy of This View of Business: How Evolutionary Thinking Can Transform the Workplace.

Although not exhaustive, here are some topics we’re currently exploring within the Business Action Group:

Female leadership

In the aftermath of the notorious Google Memo, gender in the workplace has become engulfed in the culture wars. However, what does the scientific research actually say about sex and gender differences, and does evolutionary psychology challenge our notions of gender equality and fairness?

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion has become a top priority for business leaders. However, what exactly do we mean by these terms, and how effective and reliable are initiatives such as unconscious bias training and the measurement of implicit bias?

Non-hierarchical organisational structures

With the growing prominence of the tech industry and the rise of start-ups, fundamental questions of how to manage groups are raised. Is the appeal of non-hierarchical organisation and dispersed leadership just a fad, or does this reflect something deeper about human nature and social organisation that is neglected in the traditional corporation?

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Business Action Group, click here.