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This page is dedicated to the scientific articles that have been published on management science from a biological perspective.

Although I intend to branch out the papers by subject area, a good place to start are the literature reviews and theoretical papers reviewing evolutionary approaches to management. I’ve outlined the core papers below.


Introductory papers

Li, N. P., van Vugt, M., & Colarelli, S. M. (2018). The evolutionary mismatch hypothesis: Implications for psychological science. Current Directions in Psychological Science27(1), 38-44. Available here.

Mark Van Vugt (2017) Evolutionary psychology: Theoretical foundations for the study of organizations, Journal of Organization Design6(1), 9. Available here.

Nofal, A. M., Nicolaou, N., Symeonidou, N., & Shane, S. (2018). Biology and Management: A Review, Critique, and Research Agenda. Journal of Management44(1), 7-31. Available here.


This View of Business: How Evolutionary Thinking Can Transform the Workplace

Although not a journal publication, note the special edition of This View of LifeThis View of Life magazine on business that David Sloan Wilson, Mark van Vugt and I co-edited, as part of the Evolution Institute’s Business Action Group. 

You can download a copy of This View of Business: How Evolutionary Thinking Can Transform the Workplace here.