Watch now: A conversation with Mark van Vugt on leadership

I recently moderated a discussion on Mark van Vugt’s book Naturally Selected for TVOL1000’s Book of the Month Club.

My review of Naturally Selected was published in This View of Life Magazine, and I had the privilege of joining Mark van Vugt and David Sloan Wilson  as a panellist for a webinar on leadership.

You can watch the recording below.

Mark’s presentation on Evolutionary Leadership Theory is excellent, and provides a good introduction to his research. We also received some great questions during the Q&A session. In hindsight, I wish I asked some better ones myself– evidently I was a bit nervous.

For anyone with an interest in this area, I would strongly recommend joining TVOL 1000. TVOL 1000 is a group of people who appreciate the importance of evolution, and are interested in applying evolutionary science to solve real-world problems.

Members come from all walks of life. Not only do members receive access to exclusive content, joining TVOL1000 is a fantastic networking opportunity.

If you’re interested in joining TVOL1000, click here.

This View of Leadership- A Conversation With Mark van Vugt from Evolution Institute on Vimeo.


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